Thursday, September 25, 2014

Psycho Analysis of scribbled of Picture you draw

Psycho analysis  of what u draw when have pencil in ur hand?

1. Circle = You are much in tension, a lot of thought clogging your mind.

2. Name = You like being in love..and a little self- obsessed

3. Criss cross lines= A heavy feeling of loneliness is assailing you

4. Geometrical shapes= You love  travelling/tours, happy globe-trotting.

5. Signature =You like to be the centre of attention, You want fame and fortune.

6. Flower=You love kids, have a heart of one.

7. Eyes or lips= You love beauty around u, aesthetic in nature.

8. Digits=You are born intelligent. A genius.

9. Scenes= You have food on ur mind, a complete foodie.